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15 December 2008


Those who are UK resident but disabled and living their life on the benefits of provided by the Department of social security. Such kinds of people have to live a simple life without any desire or dreams because dss provide cash only for the purpose of meeting the daily expanse of a person but somehow when they have any financial urgency they have no option except availing a loan but due to their disability status any regular lender do not wish to provide his loan such kind of person. Then payday loan lender who is serving to the individual of UK can help them out they offer Loans for people on dss benefits. These loans are especially designed for such kinds of people.


Those who are living their life on dss benefits and have no alternative except getting Loans for people on dss benefits have to qualify for this loan. To being approved for this loan they have to fulfill some requirements of this loan. They have to meet the certain qualifications such as:

  1. Borrower must be an adult.
  2. He must be on Dss benefits for last 8 months.
  3. Must have a bank account possess on his name in any UK bank.
  4. He must have saving at least 800.
  5. The most prominent requirement is that he should be a citizen of United Kingdom. 
  6. Living in a same residence for last 1 year.

Those entire have the above qualities can easily been approved for this loan without having any worry of collateral as well as credits.

Features of the loan:

Loans for dss are especially designed for the persons who live a life of dependent due to disability or some uncertain situations. While availing these loans it offers cash irrespective of bad credit. So those who have good credit or bad credit of any kinds like arrears, defaults, bankruptcy, CCJ, IVA, insolvency etc. Instead of excellent credit borrower needs to have ability of pay back the loan amount.

Loan amount which can be access ranging from the 500 to 1500; it totally depends on the ability of repayment and saving of the applicant. It can be utilize for whatever purposes either personal like wedding expanse, education of your child, home renovation, car repairing etc. or commercial depending on the needs of the loan seeker without any restriction of the loan lender.

He just have to fill up the form online based and within few hours of his applying loan amount itself wired to his account at the very same day and he can meet his crisis with ease in a least possible time.


Are you living on the Dss benefits and need some extra cash urgently you may opt for Loans for people on dss benefits which specifically crafted by payday loan lenders for such kinds of people like you. These loans are available for short duration but in case of inability of repayment it can be extended. It offers cash irrespective of bad credit so that bad creditor may also have cash assistance for their needs.

Representative APR Example:
You Borrow 900 You Pay 1116 Representative APR 1223.6% (Variable)

Warning: Late repayment can cause you serious money problems. For help, go to