Affordable finance through Unsecured Loans

6 May 2013

Because of your jobless status, you are managing yourself through DSS benefits. You were comfortable with the benefit amount until now, when an unanticipated financial problem surfaces requiring you to commit large amounts of money to handle the problem.

As you do not have enough savings, taking a loan seems to be the only solution to manage the problem.

To manage the problem that you are facing, you can approach lenders offering unsecured loans for people on benefits. These loans are meant for people like you who are living out of benefits and you have the added advantage of availing the loan without offering any security.

Keeping your financial status in mind, lenders charge reasonable interest for the loan. Since lenders do not impose any restrictions on loan usage, you are free to manage the problem you are facing with the loan money.

Under ideal situations, you can expect sufficient money that can handle your problem in a comfortable manner.

As these are unsecured loans, lenders want to minimize their risk; therefore, decide your loan amount on the basis of your capacity to pay back the loan out of your benefits money without encountering any problem.

Lenders fix the repayment tenure such that loan repayment will not add to your financial burden.

The unsecured nature of the loan helps you avail the loan when you are a non-homeowner or when you have assets but do not want to pledge them with lenders.

While processing applications for unsecured loans for people on benefits, lenders do not bother to check the credit history of borrowers, which helps you avail the loan even when your credit rating is not favorable.

You must login to lenders' website to submit your loan application. The application calls for only basic information pertaining to your income status and bank details.

As lenders do not want proof of the information furnished, you need not fax documents while submitting your application. Applying online saves you from cumbersome paperwork and you can avoid visiting the lenders' office.


If you are living on social benefits and need extra funds in an easy manner, through unsecured loans for people on benefits lenders provide the required help without even insisting on collateral.

Representative APR Example:
You Borrow 900 You Pay 1116 Representative APR 1223.6% (Variable)

Warning: Late repayment can cause you serious money problems. For help, go to